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South Africa: Constitutional Court orders employers to regularise workers if contract extends beyond three months

Palestine: Fired UNRWA worker sets himself ablaze 27 July 2018: United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the UN agency tasked with assisting impoverished Palestinian refugees in the Israeli-occupied Gaza and West Bank terminated the services of 125 workers and downgraded the employment status of 800 other workers from full-time to part-time. The relief agency […]

Workers bring Argentina to a standstill against government’s anti-worker policies

US: Supreme Court deals a big financial blow to Public Workers Union 27 June 2018: The Supreme Court dealt a huge blow to organized workers on 27 June, ruling that non-union members no longer have to pay their “fair share” for union representation in collective bargaining negotiations in the Janus vs AFSCME case. This will […]

South Korea: Former Korean Trade Union President Released from Prison after 3 years

Brazil: Oil workers strike against privatisation 30 May 2018: A 72-hour strike by Brazilian oil workers opposing the privatisation of government owned oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA (popularly known as Petrobras) halted work at 25 out of 46 refineries and rigs across the country. The workers have been demanding that resignation of Petrobras’ chief executive, […]

Zimbabwe: 16000 nurses dismissed for demanding better wages

Tunisia: Teachers launch indefinite strike opposing austerity policies 25 April 2018: Members of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and the General Federation of Secondary Education (FGESEC) stopped work at all high schools and colleges of Tunisia and began an indefinite strike on 17 April 2018. Teachers are demanding higher wages and a retirement age […]

2 lakh public sector workers protest in France

France: 2 lakh workers protest against Macron’s reforms 23 March 2018: French railway unions affiliated to the CGT and six other unions joined air traffic controllers and other public sector workers in a national strike on 22 March in protest against the proposed labour reform that is looking to ‘modernise’ the transport sector through redundancies […]

German Metal and automotive sector workers win 28 hour working week

Bangladesh: Unions of garment workers call for increased minimum wage 28 February 2018: The current minimum wage for garment workers in Bangladesh is 5330 taka (US$68) which was set in 2013. The IndustriALL affiliates in the garment sector, organized a series of actions including a joint press conference on 25 February and a human chain […]

McDonald’s workers strike for the first time, win raise in wages

UK: McDonald’s workers strike for the first time, win raise in wages 4 January 2018: The fast-food chain McDonald’s workers under the banner of The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) have won a wage hike after they went on strike for the first time since the company started operation in 1974,. The new […]

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