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Workplace Safety Watch – January 2020

Sanitation On 31 Dec., Arunkumar Patel (43), Manoj Goswami (41) died in Goregaon (east) opposite Hub mall due to asphyxiation in an eight-feet-deep MTNL duct that had three-feet sewage water in it. Arunkumar had entered the duct to place his tools and upon his failing to return, Manoj followed to check on him. An investigation […]

France: Workers register big win, government retracts proposal to amend pension laws

Brazil: Petrobras workers go on strike against proposed mass lay-offs 29 January 2020: The Oil Workers Federation (FUP) a confederation of 13 unions representing workers employed by Brazilian oil giant Petrobras has gone on strike against company’s plan to shut the Parana Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant and fire its 396 workers. FUP has said that the […]

Shivam Auto Tech workers emerge victorious, management agrees to enforce wage settlement signed in 2018

Haryana: Shivam Auto Tech workers emerge victorious, management agrees to enforce wage settlement signed in 2018 21 January 2020:  11-day long sit-in protest of over 1200 workers of Shivam Auto Tech Limited (SATL) has forced the management to yield to the demand of the SATL Employees Union regarding implementation of wage settlement signed between the […]

Tripura: Expression of political belief is not criminal, Court orders reinstatement of worker fired over attending political rally

Supreme Court raps PSU for violation of equal pay for equal work, orders extension of Provident Fund benefits to contract workers 19 January 2020: Pawan Has Limited, a Public Service Undertaking (PSU) that provides helicopter services to the oil companies was pulled up by the Supreme Court for filing a petition against its employees’ union, […]

Odisha: Government hikes employment days under MNREGA from 100 to 200

Karnataka: Directorate of Public Instruction issues warning to schools against unlawful termination of Mid-Day Meal workers 27 January 2020: Directorate of Public Instruction has issued a circular to all schools in Karnataka warning them of strict action for terminating the services of Mid-Day meal workers on the basis of their caste. DIP has further said […]

Workplace Safety Watch – December 2019

Construction: On 17 December, Rahul, a construction worker, died of electrocution upon coming in contact with a live wire hanging from a switchboard when he went downstairs to start the motor at Jumbo tower in Jamshedpur. On 22 December, Mohammad Zuber (25) died after the lift at an under-construction building fell from the fourth floor […]

A strike in outer space

On 28 December 1973, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) stopped receiving updates from its three astronauts- Jerry Carr, Ed Gibson and William Pogue stationed in space for project titled Skylab 4. The astronauts had been working for 16 hours every day for over a month without any breaks. They were demanded to fill out […]

Congo: Apple, Microsoft and Google sued over child labour deaths in cobalt mines

USA: App based companies appeal against California law for gig workers 31 December 2019: App based taxi companies Uber and Lyft and courier company Postmates have come together to file a case against the newly promulgated California law – AB-5 which mandates these companies to provide gig workers the same benefits as other workers – […]

Manipur: Food Corporation of India workers demand reinstatement of casual workers

Punjab: Protests spark across the state as government delays recruitment over 30,000 vacant teaching positions 31 December 2019: Farmers, Students and unemployed have come together to demand recruitment of teachers in Punjab where over 30,000 teaching positions are vacant. Protests took place across the state including Sangrur, Barnala, Bathinda, Mansa, Patiala, Faridkot, Ferozepur, Rupnagar, Amritsar, […]

Cabinet approves Code on Social Security

Cabinet approves Code on Social Security 4 December 2019: The Union Cabinet approved the Code on Social Security Bill 2019. The bill aims to subsume 8 labour laws – the Employees’ Compensation Act, 1923; Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948; Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952; Maternity Benefit Act, 1961; Payment of Gratuity Act, […]

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