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US: Google fires 4 employees for unionizing

South Africa: SA Airways bows down to Union demand 29 November 2019: Struggling national airline South African Airways (SAA) was final forced to pay the outstanding salaries to its employees. The SAA board met with Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in a bid to find a solution to the financial crisis faced by the national airline. […]

USA: General Motors and United Auto Workers sign settlement after 33-day long strike

USA: General Motors and United Auto Workers sign settlement after 33-day long strike 17 October 2019: Over 49,000 striking workers of General Motors (GM) returned to work on 17 October 2019 after a successful 33-day strike. Workers striking under the banner of United Auto Workers Union were demanding full-time work for temporary workers, better health […]

US: 48,000 workers of General Motors strike work for better working conditions

Greece: Workers hold countrywide general strike against proposed changes in labour laws 24 September 2019: Ships, trains, buses did not ply while offices remained shut across Greece as workers struck work against Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s proposed changes in labour laws which would amend rules for calling a strike, allow non-implementation of collective working agreements […]

Apple concedes to employing children for manufacturing iPhones

Philippines: Workers demanding regularisation brutally attacked by police 19 August 2019: Workers of chemical factory of Peerless Producers Manufacturing Corp. (Pepmaco) in Calamba were brutally attacked by the police on the 15th day of their protest demanding regularisation of work and revision of wages. Over 20 workers suffered serious injuries and had to be hospitalised […]

Spain: Court rules in favour of Deliveroo workers, holds them as employees

Philippines: Unions oppose President’s vetoing of the Security of Tenure Bill 26 July 2019: President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the Security of Tenure Bill on 26 July 2019 also known as anti-endo (end of contract bill). The Bill would have put an end to labour contracting by companies. The veto has come in the light of […]

FIFA admits to labour violations in relation to the 2022 football world cup

Kenya: Domestic workers union recognised 9 June 2019: Despite being denied registration on multiple occasions by the registrar of unions on account that there were other federations representing domestic workers, the National Union of Domestic Workers through a court application finally won recognition. The court upheld their right to form a union and directed the […]

Dock workers refuse to load Saudi ships carrying weapons to Yemen

Sudan: Workers strike demanding transfer of power to a civilian government 28 May 2019: Sudanese workers went on a two-day general strike responding to the call of the Alliance for Freedom and Change movement demanding the military to hand power to a civilian administration. Last month people’s protest had ousted president Omar-al Bashir, since then […]

Ireland promulgates act banning Zero Hour Contracts

Wages in Europe have stagnated finds study 25 March 2019: A new study by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) titled The crisis is not over yet has found that average wages in UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia and Cyprus were lower in 2018 than in 2009. The report also shows that real […]

Kenya: Over 8000 nurses go on strike demanding better wages

Mexico: Unions in 48 factories win 20% wage hike 10 February 2019: After a wave of wildcat strikes across Matamoros, 25000 workers in 48 ‘maquiladora’ factories represented by the Matamoros Industrial Workers and Labourers’ Union announced a settlement in which workers won a 20% hike in their wages. The workers also won a one-time bonus […]

Over 70,000 automotive workers go on strike in Mexico

Mexico: Over 70,000 automotive workers go on strike 18 January 2019: Over 70,000 workers from 45 factories in the Matamoros region of Mexico have gone on strike demanding a 20% increase in wages, $1700 as bonus and return to the 40 hour work week. The Matamoros region is a well-known export hub and houses component […]

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