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#मिटू : व्यक्तिगत क्षोभ से सामूहिक रोष का सफर

कार्यस्थल पर होने वाले यौन शोषण के जितने मामले प्रकाश में आते हैं असल समस्या उससे कहीं बड़ी है। दुनिया भर की महिलाएं अनन्य कारणों से इस दमन के खिलाफ आवाज़ नहीं उठाती और चुपचाप इस दमन को सहते जाती हैं। जब कभी महिलाएं इस मुद्दे पर चुप्पी तोड़ती भी हैं तो अक्सर उनसे यह […]

Is it enough to ask for 8 hours this May Day

The Past On 1 May 1886, trade unionists, political activists and large number of workers came together to make the city of Chicago the centre of the growing national movement for an eight-hour workday. Between 25 April and 4 May, workers across the city attended several meetings and marched through the streets more than a […]

Inequality Hurts … All of Us

The richest 1% in India cornering 73% of the wealth generated in the country last year, according to the 2018 Oxfam report, Reward Work, Not Wealth, after over 25 years of liberalization raises a few basic questions. The report also showed that the wealth of India’s richest 1% increased by over Rs. 20.9 trillion during […]

Who builds our economy today?

Who built the Taj Mahal in Agra? Was it Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal? Or was it built by the two architects who designed it? Or was it built by the hundreds of workers who worked day and night to put together the most famous piece of architecture in our country? Let […]

Should Teams at Workplaces replace Unions?

Many of us have seen posters like these in our workplaces.  Most of these show happy faces of workers who work in a team with motivational lines that make us all feel good. We start having a feeling that we are not alone, if we make mistakes we would not be blamed and punished, if […]

Why are our labour laws changing?

With the intention of simplification of 44 existing labour laws, the Government of India is trying to legislate four codes on labour – on wages, industrial relations, social security and safety, and on health and working conditions. Simultaneously the government is proposing amendments to the Contract Labour Act, the Factories Act, the Industrial Disputes Act, […]

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