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France: Court orders government to compensate former miners for causing “anxiety”

France: Court orders government to compensate former miners for causing “anxiety” 29 January 2021: The Labour Court in Douai has ordered the government to pay 727 miners a payment of 10,000 Euros (a total 7.3 million euros or $8.9 million) as compensation for causing anxiety to them by a career of exposure to toxic substances. […]

USA: California votes for prop 22 exempting gig companies from treating drivers as employees

Spain: Health workers protest against health service cuts 29 November 2020: Around 4,000 doctors and nurses marched on the streets of Madrid chanting “less flags and more nurses” demanding a stop to the devastating cuts in public healthcare because of which health workers are struggling to cope with the pandemic. However, the regional government in […]

Gig Workers struggle for recognition as workers across the world

Gig Workers struggle for recognition as workers across the world 27 October: In Australia, the Competition and Consumer Commission authorised companies with less than $10 million turnover to collectively negotiate with suppliers or customers from early next year. The class exemption, covering some 98% of all businesses, will mean owner-drivers, gig workers, franchisees, construction subcontractors, […]

Ukraine: Miners remain underground to register protest against deplorable working conditions

Germany: Government mulls over supply chain law to fight labour and environmental abuse abroad 30 September 2020: Government is mulling over promulgating a law proposed by the ministries of Labour and Development – Lieferkettengesetz meaning supply chain law to fight against labour rights and environmental abuse by German companies outside of its territory by tracking […]

USA: California Labour Commissioner sues Uber and Lyft for wage theft

Qatar: Government scraps Kafala system, raises minimum wages for migrant workers 31 August 2020: Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs has finally promulgated the abolition of draconian Kafala system that required workers to take NOC from employers before switching jobs. Emir of Qatar in October 2019 has announced that the system will […]

Philadelphia state promulgates Essential Workers Protection Act

Nigeria: Contract workers employed by Human Rights Commission strike work over violation of minimum wages 12 July 2020: Workers at the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) across the country served strike notice over non-implementation of the National Minimum Wage and Human Rights Protection Allowances by the commission under the banner of Nigeria Civil Service Union. […]

Lesotho: Successful strike yields lockdown wages to garment workers

Lesotho: Successful strike yields lockdown wages to garment workers 17 June 2020: Over 50,000 garment workers returned to work on 17 June 2020 after a successful one-day strike which forced to the government to respect its commitment regarding payment of wages for the period work was stopped at all factories due to Coronavirus lockdown. Workers […]

Chile: Government unleashes violence on workers protesting against food shortage

Sudan: Government to set up special police force for protection of health workers 24 May 2020: After over two dozen attacks on health workers were reported in the last 2 months Sudan’s transitional authorities are mulling over creating a special police force for the protection of health workers and health facilities. Doctor’s associations and nurse’s […]

France: Amazon workers exercise right to refusal against company’s pressure to report to work

Zimbabwe: Health workers demand $10,000 per months as risk allowance 28 March 2020: In Zimbabwe, frontline health workers have declared that only those workers will report for work who are provided proper personal protective equipment and a risk allowance of $10,000 by the Ministry of Health and Child Care to the Health Services Bipartite Negotiating […]

US: California court says Apple Store workers must be paid for wait time

UK: Thousands of university workers strike 20 February 2020: University workers have formed picket lines on campuses in Manchester, Glasgow, Sheffield, Essex, Newcastle and Cardiff among others across the UK on the first day of staggered strikes over higher education pay, pensions and working conditions. The University and College Union (UCU) reported that their strike […]

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