Month: March 2019

Workplace Safety Watch – February 2019

Construction On 17 February Raghunath (55) a worker working at the site of an IT complex in Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh died as the basement he was working in caved in. On 9 February 1 worker died and 3 others were grievously injured at Chinna Jeeyar Swamy mutt, Papanasanam in Tirupati, Tamil Nadu. Workers […]

Adanis fly high

On 27 February 2019, the Adani Group won the public-private partnership (PPP) bid for the operation of Guwahati Airport. The Adani Group has also won the bids for the other 5 airports (Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mangaluru and Thiruvananthapuram) that the Airport Authority of India (AAI) put up for auction in December 2018. Having no previous […]

Kenya: Over 8000 nurses go on strike demanding better wages

Mexico: Unions in 48 factories win 20% wage hike 10 February 2019: After a wave of wildcat strikes across Matamoros, 25000 workers in 48 ‘maquiladora’ factories represented by the Matamoros Industrial Workers and Labourers’ Union announced a settlement in which workers won a 20% hike in their wages. The workers also won a one-time bonus […]

Interim Union Budget 2019-2020 tabled in Parliament

1 February 2019: Finance Minister, Piyush Goyal presented the Interim Union Budget 2019-2020 on 1 February 2019 in the Lok Sabha. The highlights of the budget are as follows: Labour To provide social security coverage to workers earning below ₹15,000 per month in the informal sector, government has announced “Pradhan Mantri Shram-Yogi Maandhan” scheme. A […]

Indian fares poorly on work-life balance, average working hours amongst highest in the world

Indian fares poorly on work-life balance, average working hours amongst highest in the world 27 February 2019: The National Sample Survey Office undertook its first periodic labour force survey (PLFS) seeking to measure working hours and other metrics of working life in India. According to this report, average working hours in India are among some […]

Government imposes Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on 20 lakh striking workers

Maharashtra: Over 900 employees at Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd., await salaries for last 22 months 25 February 2019: Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. at Pune which was declared a sick industry in the year 1997 has not paid salaries of over 900 workers for the last 22 months since June, 2017. Employees have been receiving 25% of their […]

40-day strike of Mid-Day meal workers yields ₹250 wage hike

Maharashtra: Contract Safai Workers protest against violation of minimum wages 25 February 2019: Contract Safai Karmacharis from Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nanded and Navi Mumbai came together  under the banner of Kachra Vahatuk Shramik Sangh for GR Wapsi (Take back Government Resolution) protest in Mumbai, Maharashtra against non-implementation of government resolutions on payment of minimum wages. […]

Supreme Court: Order for eviction of over 1 million forest working people stayed

Supreme Court: Order for eviction of over 1 million forest working people stayed 28 February 2019: The Supreme Court of India has stayed its previous order dated 13 February 2019 regarding the eviction of about 1.1 million scheduled tribes and other forest dwelling communities in over 16 states whose claims over forest land had been […]

National Minimum Wage committee proposes reducing calorie intake for adults

National Mineral Policy, 2019 gets cabinet approval 28 February 2019: The National Mining Policy 2019 has been approved by the cabinet, which would grant mining activity the status of an industry and open the mining sector to private players. Until now, mining was listed as an economic activity under primary sector. The new policy will […]

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